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Vermouth Cocktail Recipes Chicago Business

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By Guy Caland Puymartin, Booth ‘21

I’m never one to turn down a hard seltzer or new-age frosty drink at a social. In fact, in the peak summer heat of St. Louis last year, I glanced down at the franken-beverage I was holding – none other than Natural Ice’s Pink Lemonade – and discovered that I did enjoy every chilled, diluted, and artificial sip of it.

But today I’d like to raise a glass that clinks back to my French grandparents, to literal and metaphorical roots, and to my love, Christina. I’d like to share some vermouth with you. Vermouth is a fortified wine made with herbs, flowers, roots, and berries, and is broadly related to spirits like Lillet, Absinthe, Campari, and Punt e Mes. You might have enjoyed vermouth at a chic lounge before COVID struck, in the form of a Negroni, Martini, or a Manhattan. Or more recently, if you’re like me, by sharing a glass with my partner to celebrate the end of a Competitive Strategy midterm exam. Vermouth is the quintessential renaissance liqueur, good for sipping as an aperitif before lunch and for brightening your cocktails at sunset. There are several styles of vermouth that differ in color and sweetness, so my goal for now is just to have you try the category – and hopefully afterwards, convert you into a repeat buyer.

After I met my current partner, I decided that the best place to go for our first trip was Cleveland. We had already done a Neko Case concert and a symphony in Chicago, and Cleveland had a fantastic orchestra as well as a charming boutique hotel we wanted to try. And sure enough, there was never a more romantic weekend outside of Paris than the one we created in Cleveland. After seeing Gershwin’s An American in Paris performed live in Severance Hall with the film projected, we found ourselves the next morning at a cozy French brunch spot. As we relived the performance and the jazz bar we visited afterwards, they served us the drink I’ll share with you today. It has two ingredients: Cocchi di Torino Vermouth and an orange rind expressed into the drink. To me, this drink symbolizes the start of a beautiful relationship. It has a complex, citric sweetness and I hope you will try it at least once. 

This drink will make you ask more from life. Why can’t Christmas and Thanksgiving taste like this? Why does a bottle cost $20? As you ponder these questions, here are a few cocktails you can make with the sweet vermouth I mentioned earlier:

Simple Vermouth: Pour 2 oz of sweet vermouth in a glass, express a meaty orange rind into the drink, and stir the whole contents gently over ice. “Cocchi di Torino” brand is recommended, but the “Martini” brand works too.

Time for Cherries: Add 2 oz of cognac, 0.75 oz sweet vermouth, and 0.5 oz cherry liqueur to a shaker. Add ice and shake until chilled, then strain into a short tall glass of your significant other’s choosing.

The Spring Smash: Muddle 2 sliced strawberries in the bottom of a cup or shaker. Add 1.75 oz rhubarb syrup, 1 oz sweet vermouth, 1 oz gin, and 1 teaspoon fresh lime juice. Add ice and shake until chilled, then strain into a coupe glass.

Guy Caland Puymartin is a first-year MBA student at Booth exploring venture capital and operations. Guy is passionate about value-based healthcare, digital health, medical diagnostics, and tech more broadly. Prior to Booth, he worked in corporate strategy and product development roles at CVS Health. Outside of work, Guy loves to make cocktails, discover hidden gems in cities with his partner, and learn new languages (currently Russian). Follow Guy on LinkedIn here.


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