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Game-Changer: A Fresh Approach to Wines & Spirits Shopping

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We are now hearing of business closures, job cuts or reduced compensation as consequences of the COVID-19 global pandemic. This week, I am quite elated to share that some businesses are expanding and that business operations continue. Whilst a slow and arduous transition, we can still be hopeful that in the not-so-distant future, our economy will rebound. In the interim, however, think: Game-Changer! Bar None Readers, there is a new wines and spirits shopping experience in town!

Constant Spring Road, Kingston 8, can proudly boast its new wines and spirits shopping experience, located in the new Fresh Foods by Super Valu supermarket. Just under two weeks old, the word is rapidly permeating communities, homes, and offices about this novel and quite frankly, delightful, experience. Upon visiting the location, I could understand why - talk about foreign come to town! The aisles are wide and welcoming and the shelves expertly and meticulously merchandised. I reminded myself of the need to stay focused as my original intent was to capture the elements of the wines and spirits area.

On approaching the wines and spirits area, I was not disappointed. The layout was strategically and expertly considered; of course, with the use of a planogram! As I roamed the aisles, I could easily observe the grape varietals ranging from whites, ros,asmr8asmr8

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