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Medicinal Wines from the blackberry

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Blackberry Holguin Medicinal Wines Bayado Winemakers Club

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Bayado Winemakers Club of Holguín uses since 2014, the blackberry, a native exotic fruit from Europe and regions of North America, known for its medicinal properties, to manufacture a unique handmade wine

gnacio Díaz, the main manufacturer, explained the drink is obtained from the maceration of small fruits pertaining to Rubus deliciosus species, one of the more than 300 existing in the world, which has adapted to the tropical climate.

This plant, he said, provides the human body with a large number of antioxidants, which decreases the risk of brain-vascular diseases, one of the leading causes of death in the eastern territory.

He stressed that blackberries are used as a complementary treatment to regulate the presence of cholesterol in the blood flow, so as to favor digestion and body levels of vitamins A, C and potassium.

Díaz mentioned that club members use other species with healing properties such as red majagua flower, used to treat patients with asthma and older adults with arthritis and other chronic rheumatic ailments.

Bayado Winemakers Club was founded in 1994 to develop wine production by using unconventional raw materials, including tropical fruits and spices such as pepper, papaya, eggplant, orange, and tamarind.

Blackberries are species of flora, also named as brambles, and they are recognized for their applications in medicine, gardening and making natural dyes.

Moreover, various products are manufactured worldwide from these plants such as cake, jelly, ice cream, cereals and about nine species are used, whose colors vary between white, red, green, purple and black.

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