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Beringer Bros Bourbon Barrel-Aged Wines Launched at Cellar 8

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“This is made from very butch grapes… it's over 14% alcohol!” These words from Cellar 8 resident sommelier Matthew Pragnell described the luscious and intoxicating Beringer Bros Bourbon Barrel-Aged Red Blend. The red blend and a barrel-aged Chardonnay were launched at the Upper Manor Park Plaza-located wine bar Thursday last.

For the first few weeks of August, Cellar 8 (owned by Jenny Pragnell and four of her equally fab girlfriends) has been surreptitiously introducing the barrel-aged wines to their regulars.

The feedback was fantastic! As a result, they and wine supplier Betco Premier Ltd decided to introduce Corporate Area oenophiles to the wines in a laid-back affair on the wine bar's patio. A majority of Petite Sirah, Syrah, Petit Verdot grapes (the aforementioned butch grapes) make up the red blend. Immediately one can detect notes of blackberry, nuts and caramel.

To be frank, the nose of the wine belies the taste and mouthfeel. At first sniff, you don't expect to enjoy the red blend. Then it hits you over the head, like a caveman, with balanced flavour and nuance and drags you back to its lair for you to acquiesce and ask for another glass.

The Chardonnay is a delight; replete with notes of ripe apricot and intoxicating vanilla bean, it has a creamy mouthfeel and a lingering finish.

The Beringer Bros Bourbon Barrel-Aged wines have also allowed the Cellar 8 chefs to further flex their creative muscles. The small bites menu now boasts new items that perfectly pair with the robust yet easy-drinking wines.

If you're looking for new favourite wine, try Beringer Bros Bourbon Barrel-Aged Red Blend and Chardonnay. You'll be glad you did. Cheers!


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