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Living la dolce vita

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Living la dolce vita

Living la dolce vita

Living la dolce vita

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If you're bored with the usual tiramisu or New York cheesecake, then check out the following restaurants.

Andrew Lau, group pastry chef at Mina House which recently opened at The Peak, believes classic desserts are in need of a face-lift. "For many years, I indulged in western desserts to recreate them with additional flavors and new appearances," he said.

His recommendation, The Chocolate Texture (HK$78), a deconstructed take on chocolate cake, is a decadent mix of 70-percent-cocoa dark chocolate cream, milk chocolate jelly, chocolate cookie bites and chocolate sponge cake pieces. Gourmets can taste four different textures in a rich spoonful.

"To balance out many chocolate flavor profiles, a special dark plum is used for the sorbet to add a hint of tang," he added.

Living la dolce vita

Living la dolce vita

Living la dolce vita

Living la dolce vita

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He also breaks the rule of making traditional cheesecakes with a reinterpretation, Modern Cheesecake (HK$78), which is gluten-and-egg-free. The cream cheese is mixed and filtered twice for a velvety smooth texture before being squeezed over the gluten-free biscuit crumbs. A raspberry yuzu sorbet is added on top to balance out the flavors.

A fruity pick is Purple Summer (HK$78) which gets its refreshing taste from the raspberry coulis, strawberries and cassis mousse.

But for the ultimate sweet treat, there is a two-hour-long dessert free-flow (HK$158 per person), available daily from 11am to 5.30pm, with 20 different kinds of desserts served from trolleys.

For a twist on Italian sweets, head to Italian-American joint Posto Pubblico in Central for its new extended dessert menu.

The traditional chilled delight panna cotta (HK$90) has a sour kick from the toppings of seasonal mangoes and passion-fruit.

Made with roasted almonds and extra virgin olive oil, the Italian mainstay of flourless almond citrus cake (HK$120) is more filling, with the added benefit of also being gluten-free. Double the sweetness with a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream.

Those who are having a boozy night could wrap it up with the limoncello cake (HK$109). Making the sinful cake stand out is the fragrance from a splash of the Italian lemon liqueur, and zest from locally-grown organic lemons, which are whipped into the fluffy ricotta batter for a more distinctive flavor.

A taste of exquisite French pastries can be found in Dalloyau's newly opened branch at Entertainment Building in Central.

Several new desserts are exclusively served there - like the apple turnover (HK$28). Freshly baked and served only at specific time slots, the green-apple turnover is a richer version of apple pies, with lots of raisins for added texture.

More delicate is the rum baba (HK$88). It gives a boozy buzz as it is soaked in dark rum and topped with mascarpone cream cheese for a smoother mouthful.

A crowd-pleaser, crepe suzette (HK$98), remains on the new branch's menu, too. The double-folded crepes are drizzled with sweet orange-flavored syrup. A dairy-free version of the crepes is also available.


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