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Inpatient Drug Rehab Facilities

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Beware of these rahabilitation centres.This is my request. I know about one rehabilitation centre “Navchetna Sansthan” in gadarpur , district Udhampur sing Nagar, Uttarakhand . I would never recommend this to anyone.

1. They will treat you like shit, even though they take monthly charges from your guardians. For the first 7–10 days they will treat you nicely , but afterwards you life is going to become hell.

2. Authorities who look after you are not humans , they are uneducated / illiterate /thugs who abuse a lot / abuse mentally and physically . Some of them have even been to jail for commiting murders.

3. Once you are admitted you are not even allowed to talk to each other . Otherwise you will be beaten up badly.There are few people who stay there are so scared that they dont speak at all. They look depressed , sick, ill.

4.Your guardians are not allowed to visit the place from inside. Food , bed, washrooms have pathetic condition. Once you will go in then only you will realise but after few days. For the first few days( 7–8 days) , you are treated like a local vip.

5.You can not contact your parents/ guardians. Only your guardians can contact you through these authorities that also once in 1–2 months. You can't talk to your guardians alone, they will surround you , you can't tell the parents about the reality and environment inside .Even of you try to do so, the phone will be snatched and you will be beaten to death.

6. Meanwhile they contact your parents and brainwash them regarding you. They make bad stories about your behaviour , so that your parents don't come to the rescue.They won't believe you even after you come out of it.

7. They are complete frauds. They promise you and your parents with a lot of things , of which not even 10% are fulfilled.

I really want to stand against such people , but I don't understand how I can do it. They have strong connections with police / politicians.But I really feel bad for those who are suffering there . There are few people whose guardians haven't come to meet them from last 3–4 years. Atleast we can aware people about such frauds and protect our loved ones from such thugs who are also threat to human life.


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