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Les Crus des Ctes du Rhne mridionaux(2)

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AOC cotes du rhone Cinsault Mourvedre Vallée du Rhône

Tavel winemaking country is composed of four different areas. One alluvial area formed by the Rhône, and that can be found on the hillsides of Lirac and Tavel AOCs in the form of ancient alluvial deposits that cover the lower and middle terraces. A sandy area follows, dating from the Mid-Pliocene era, lying between Tavel and Roquemaure. Marly limestone deposits from the Lower Barremian era form the Villeneuve les Avignon, Les Angles, and Tavel massif. A final area of upper Barremian urgonian limestone facies composes the Tavel-Rochefort du Gard massif. These are mainly crystalline limestones (clays and reefs) and gravelly limestone (clastic limestone).

Les Crus des Ctes du Rhne mridionaux

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Key Figures

surface area

911 hectares

Total production

37 778 hl

Average yield achieved

41 hl/ha

*Export figures according to the most recent research

Source : Harvest statement 2016

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