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Scurati wins Strega Book Prize

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Night it won Antonio Scurati Strega Book Prize Thursday

(ANSA) - Rome, July 5 - Antonio Scurati won the 73rd Strega Book Prize Thursday night with 'M. Il Figlio del secolo', about Benito Mussolini.
    Scurati got 228 votes compared to 127 for second-placed Benedetto Cibrario with 'Il rumore del mondo' and 91 for third-placed Marco Missiroli with 'Fedeltà'.
    Chairing the jury was Helena Janeczek, who won last year.
    "I'm happy but above all glad that many other Italians will read this book not only because I wrote it but because they will learn to know our history with the hope that it won't repeat itself, albeit in different forms," said Scurati, a 50-year-old Neapolitan.
    "I dedicate this win to our fathers who fought Fascism".
    The name Strega, which means witch in Italian, refers to the prize's sponsors, producers of the famed yellow liqueur of the same name.


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