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The wide array of sweet wines

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The wide array of sweet wines

By Bennet Bodenstein

Jul 5, 2019

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The sweet wine rage is on in full force in this country.

The sweet wines of today are not wines that have been sweetened by adding sugar.

That act, called chaptalisation, is strictly forbidden in the United States as it is in most of the other wine producing countries.

Wine is not made sweet; it is a natural occurrence when fermentation is prematurely stopped by chilling resulting in a wine that is sweet because of the unfermented grape juice, of lower alcohol with a much bigger flavor and aroma.

Sweet wine can definitely go with foods that are not too acidic and actually have the property of enhancing the enjoyment of those foods.

To those detractors of sweet wine, don't knock them until you have sampled the sweet wines of Castello del Poggio

Castello del Poggio Moscato ($12.99). Moscato wines have been around for a very long time but were often regarded as sweet perfumed harlots by the wine snobs and avoided by the wine press in fear of being sent to literary Siberia. These are the same people who rave about Chateau d'Ychem, the famous super sweet wine of Bordeaux France and a standard bottle of the vintage is currently on dealers' shelves for a whopping $250 each, if you are lucky enough to find one. This Italian import puts all of the naysayers to shame. The wine displays a deep straw yellow with golden reflections, an unmistakable bouquet of peach and honey followed by a very long aftertaste. This is a wine to serve with or as desert and can brighten any outdoor party.

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