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Aussie Distillery Creates A Red Wine Gin

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Picture this: you're an absolute gin lover who can say 'G&T' quicker than a person can blink, but you're sitting down to dinner to carve up a juicy steak.

Everyone knows that red wine goes brilliantly with red meat and even though you fancy yourself as a vino tinto fan, gin is calling your name.

Well, have we got news for you: an Australian distillery has just launched a red wine gin.

Yeah, that's right. It's Gin. With. Red. Wine. Now you can have your two favourite drinks mixed together. Four Pillars Gin is a distillery found in Victoria and created this incredible concoction in 2015.

"The beauty of Bloody Shiraz Gin being a product of vintage means that it will never be the same. The 2019 vintage in the Yarra Valley was terrific for cool climate Shiraz in particular," Four Pillars' website says.

"The season was set up with good spring rain, and January and February saw very dry conditions with the odd super bloody hot day. This combination brought vintage forward a week.

"While the majority of our grapes wereagain sourced from the same three vineyards in our home in the Yarra Valley, this is the first year we also took some grapes from other cool Southern Victorian regions.

"We sourced a small percentage from the Yea Valley just over the Black Spur to our north and also a parcel from Southern Bendigo to our west, which is cooler still than the Yarra itself."

Credit: Four Pillars

Credit: Four Pillars

They haven't added any colours or sugars to the product, so what you're seeing is a beautiful mix of red wine and gin.

It's now available in stores but it'll cost a pretty penny: $85. People who love red wine and gin will see it as worth it because it means you don't have to buy two bottles and mix it yourself (even though that could be cheaper).

If red wine x gin isn't your thing, then what about a Vegemite on toast flavoured spirit?

Credit: Archie Rose

Credit: Archie Rose

Sydney-based gin distiller, Archie Rose, has released a spirit that is supposed to taste the same as Vegemite on toast. Um, hello, how could this be anything but amazing?

On their website, the company said: "Meet our latest joyful and experimental limited release, ArchieMite Buttered Toast Spirit. Inspired by Australia's love for umami-rich breakfast spreads we've created an unaged spirit like no other featuring freshly churned, uncultured Pepe Saya butter and Sonoma sourdough toast.

They've already come up with a few cocktails that you can use this slice of heaven with. Either chuck a few shots into a Bloody Mary to make it pop or even turn it into an Espresso Martini.

Featured Image Credit: Four Pillars


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