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Barndiva SommTable

Pierre Seillan poster online.jpg

Pierre Seillan poster online.jpg

SommTable is Barndiva’s way of extending our definition of farm to table - eat the view - to drinking it.

We think of the SommTable as a salon, a place where we gather to drink, and talk about wine with a particular point of view. Where we can host evenings with winemakers we know and admire, or haven't met, but want to know. Throw seasonal garden parties like The Pink Party, Féte Blanc, and Féte Rouge, with winemaking friends. There is an actual table, forged by Jordy Morgan, where you can have a singular interactive experience with a glass of wine, host a small dinner party, or just kick back with friends. SommTable is a monthly conduit to winemakers we admire and some of their library wines we currently feature in both restaurants. We’re going to put a lot of what we love and believe in out there, and see what sticks. Let’s see where the conversation takes us.

somms table logo MASTER.jpg

somms table logo MASTER.jpg

Oh, almost forgot. SommTable is also a wine club, with benefits. For more information about that, CLICK HERETo plan a private evening at The Somm’s Table for any sized group, or book Producer Evenings, please contact Chappy: wine@barndiva.comTo shop Barndiva Wine, Click Here   


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