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can i give my conure wine for him to talk

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Jul 13, 2009
by: Linda

No you cannot give your bird any kind of alcoholic drinks. They reduce to processed sugar as they are digested, and refined sugar will KILL BIRDS OUTRIGHT! So, whatever others have done with their birds, do not ever give them alcohol for any reason.No processed sugar either in any form. The other bad thing is salt--no salty table food. Birds need to be eating a wholesome organic pelleted food and organic fruits and veggies for treats.

Birds learn to talk by listening to us talk, sing, laugh and so on. There is no need to work so hard at getting your bird to talk. Let nature take its course. All birds do not like to talk, and most will learn to repeat those things they like and think are funny. You can sing simple little songs, say simple rhymes, or pick a simple phrase you say to him, like I love you, or Name is a pretty bird! Do these things as you clean his cage, feed and water him, and he will begin to associate your songs, rhymes, phrases with the warm feeling of being fed and taken care of. Birds respond to the more high-pitched voice of a female, though they will also learn from a man too. Learning to talk takes time, and birds spend a lot of time practicing a word or phrase before they can say it well, so be patient, take time to repeat songs, phrases and other words or sounds to him as you go about your regular day or while taking care of him, and he will surprise you one day with something. I have an Amazon male who has a very large vocabulary, and the female knows only a very nice "Hello", and does not say that much. The male puts sentences together to suit what he wants. We taught him to say "Bill's right", and he learned it and said it a time or two. One day, he got really loud and stated, "Eli's Right!", and he has done that with a lot of sentences and phrases he's learned. He makes up his own sentences as he would like to hear them. Eli is a smaller Red-Lored Amazon who are not known for being very good talkers--they never met Eli! So, be patient with your bird, and you'll be surprised how much he picks up while you are just humming along not worrying about him talking. Birds pick up our anxiety and stress about them talking, and will never say a word until you relax and let him learn in his own time and way. He'll talk when he is ready, NOT WHEN YOU ARE READY.

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