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This is the reason why people wearing red clothes on Chinese New Year

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News24xx.com - Fengshui expert, Suhu Yo, revealed red clothes to be one of the mandatory kits during the Chinese New Year. "The red color is a color that describes the excitement" Suhu Yo told Wolipop recently. He also added that using a red shirt symbolizes new human life.

The same thing was also conveyed by Rizky Wardhani, a Chinese language lecturer, at Language and Arts Faculty, Jakarta State University. "The red color for Chinese symbolizes good luck and a symbol of life" Rizky said.

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The selection of red during this Chinese New Year has happened for more than 2,000 years. In the Chinese tradition, there are five important elements, water, fire, wood, metal, and land. In accordance with the order, the colors that represent the five elements in sequence are black, red, blue-green, and yellow. Ancient Chinese people believed that these five elements made everything in the universe.

In addition to red, gold or yellow colors are also involved in many elements of the Chinese liqueur. Gold or yellow is considered as the color of the emperor. This is related to China in the dynasties in power, those who had positions like nobles and emperors often wore cheongsam or qi pao in gold or yellow. This color can not be worn by ordinary people.



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