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A Quaint Countryside Town With Fruit Orchards Wasabi Farms 4 Hours From Tokyo

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Things to do in Azumino


Like most Singaporeans, I’ve got a soft spot for Japan. But major Japanese cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto? Not to sound overly familiar, but been there, done that. In the case of Azumino (安曇野), it was my first-ever visit and it was more than a pleasant surprise.

As one who plans her holidays around food, Azumino had everything I was looking for. Fruits plucked straight from trees, homemade soba, and delightfully fresh sashimi? Check, check, and yep, you guessed it - check. Here are 10 food experiences you’re bound to enjoy in the picturesque town of Azumino:


1. Cook your own soba hotpot


Hotpot soba, yuzu soba, & soba with tempura


Nagano’s known best for their soba, and it’s no different in the town of Azumino - for one, Soba no Sato is a soba house that makes their very own soba from scratch. They’re known for their Toji Soba (JPY1,580, ~S$19) a Japanese hotpot where you’ll get to cook your own freshly-made buckwheat soba on the spot.

We also tried their Sudachi Soba (JPY1,300, ~S$15.7), which had a refreshing bite to it, thanks to the subtle citrusy notes. Their Tempura & Soba Set (JPY1,200, ~S$14.5) is also worth a try, since their tempura was deep-fried to a delightfully light crisp - only fresh seasonal vegetables and seafood are used here.

Soba no Sato
Address: 6725-1, Misatoyutaka, Azumino
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 11AM-5PM (Closed during Winter, Dec to Mar)
Telephone: +81-263-31-5412 



2. Pick apples, grapes, and blueberries at a fruit orchard


I’m more used to getting my apples from the likes of NTUC or Cold Storage, rather than out in the open air with scenic mountains and fruit trees all around. It’s the first time I’ve gone apple-picking, and there was no better place than Yoneyama Farm.

Before setting off with our own baskets, we were given tips on finding the best apples. Listen up, since the apples here cost JPY400 (~S$4.8) per kg - it didn’t matter if you picked damaged apples, you’d still have to pay up. Knowing that, we tried our best to pick smooth and firm apples that were coloured a vibrant red.

The apple-picking season runs from early September to late November, but if you’re in Azumino at other times of the year, there are plenty of other chances for you to harvest your own fruits:

Blueberries - late June to late September

Grapes - late August to late September

Peaches - late July to mid-October

Yoneyama Farm also sells various apple products that are made purely from the apples on farm, such as Apple Juice (JPY700, ~S$8.4).

Yoneyama Farm
Address: 4741 Misato Ogura, Azumino
Telephone: +81 263 75 9055


3. Try Shinshu Salmon sashimi


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