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The best mobile applications for those who want to understand wines and become real sommeliers!

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The cost of sommelier courses is far from always acceptable and not everyone can afford to get the profession of their dreams. And it's not just about money, but also about the lack of free time. Now you can increase the level of your knowledge in this direction thanks to new special mobile applications.

Vivino Wine Scanner

A convenient and easy-to-use program, using which you will find more data about wines. Among other things, you will learn the name, the harvest, the winery and other information about the drinks you are interested in. At your service a lot of feedback left by users here. Based on the gained knowledge, you can create your future shopping list, adding to it the favorite samples of wine.


The creators of this program believe that the process of mastering a variety of varieties of wines is similar to chemistry. Therefore, the utility has a curious interface and can be very useful. In it you will find:

Types of grapes, presented in a convenient form, reminiscent the periodic  Mendeleev’s table. Details of different beverages and products more suitable for joint use. Using Plonk, you will always be aware of news related to specific topics, as well as learn how to correctly pronounce the names of favorite copies.


The direction associated with winemaking and other related aspects, contains a lot of data that is not easy to assimilate. If for some reason you can not complete a full training in sommelier skills, then you definitely need a directory that can come to the rescue at the right time. Here it is worth highlighting the function of scanning bottled labels, as well as its own extensive encyclopedia, in which many drinks from different countries are collected.



Can be read in English and 100 other International languages


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