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The Locavores: Local experts celebrate spring

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Local Spirits Make a Splash

By Jared Wall,
Prince George Hotel

The temperature doesn’t have to rise very high to encourage Nova Scotians to get outside. Anticipation for spring is rampant, and to help make your festivities more special this year, here are some exciting and new local spirits making a splash.

From Agricola Street in Halifax, Compass Distillers “Rhumb”is handcrafted from Canadian molasses. The odd spelling distinguishes this spirit as different from traditionally labelled rums. A non-aged version of their soon-to-be rum is velvety smooth and makes a great Daiquiri stand-in.

If sense tingling botanicals are your weakness, East Coast Spirit Company Ginhas a lively integration of citrus, juniper and herbs. Currently bottled at the Steinhart Distillery, mix your G & Ts with equal parts soda and tonic to really experience what this gin has to offer.

Sometimes it is all in a name… and when it comes to One Wild Pint Blueberry Liqueur, it couldn’t be any clearer. From Nova Scotia Spirit Co., this liqueur is made with one whole pint of local blueberries. Bursting with flavour, it is perfect for cocktail experiments and is wonderful mixed with sparkling wine.

With such great local options available, it only gets easier and easier for us to show off Nova Scotia.

Spring sipping

By Suzanne Bartlett,
Sommelier student and Public Relations Consultant

Spring is a time of transition -— out with the old and in with the new. We’re swapping cozy nights in and savouring a bold red, for spring gatherings and sip-able wines. Fresh, lighter, aromatic wines help to ring in sunny days and warmer weather, plus they pair perfectly with those simpler seasonal dishes. Blomidon Roséwith its citrus, cranberry, and strawberry notes pairs perfectly with a charcuterie board featuring local cured meats. Jost Selkie Roséwith its sweeter edge has the unique ability to pair with pink fleshed fish such as salmon and trout but also marries well with light fruit based desserts.

Spring wines should have good acidity, with a lighter body and alcohol. Something drinkable and refreshing — easily enjoyed at casual get-togethers and family gatherings. Nothing welcomes a new spring season like a bottle of Nova Scotian rosé. Enjoy Avondale Sky Lady Slipper, a crisp, balanced wine with inviting notes of red fruit and spice.

Since rosé straddles the line between red and white and boasts such a range of styles, it’s no wonder versatility is synonymous with these wines. From charcuterie to seafood or turkey to steak, you can enjoy a chilled rosé with just about anything and it can be enjoyed anywhere — from Mother’s Day brunch to a spring wedding.

Take an adventure with local brews

By Aaron Spanik,
Atlantic Canada Beer Blog

As we change seasons from winter into spring, it is not uncommon to also see a change in the flavours we enjoy. Darker and heavier themes that suit slow sipping by the fire during the colder months give way to lighter and brighter moods as we’re reminded that warmer days are just around the corner.

Garrison’s Pucker Upfeatures hints of the summer to come, a sour wheat beer featuring tart cranberry and pomegranate paired with floral rosehips and hibiscus. Island Time Lager, from Breton Brewing in Sydney, is a classic lager in the Munich Helles style, grainy, sweet and slightly bready, with an underlying noble hop character providing bitterness and balance. And the Fantacitydry-hopped witbier from 2 Crows sees a traditional Belgian style, with a crisp, slightly tart body and a spicy yeast profile, perfumed with coriander and orange peel, and finished with a blast of citrusy hops.

However you choose to enjoy your spring, incorporating local beers into your adventures ensures a product-less-travelled is in your glass, as fresh as possible, and supporting producers in the region.


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