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Get Christmas ready with Chase Distillery

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Instead of worrying how many shopping days there are until Christmas, how about embracing the next few weeks as a time to throw yourself into the festive spirit. Luckily our old mates at Chase Distillery have all manner of wonderfully boozy ideas to help you do just that.

The Chase Advent Calendar £140

chase advent calendar

We had one of these last year and finding a new bottle behind each window in the 24 days running up to the maine event certainly enhanced our days. The calendar is also a nice way to introduce yourself to the huge range of products Chase make. Each £140 calendar features 24 5cl miniatures of: Williams GB Gin, Chase Vodka, Chase Elderflower Liqueur, Williams Elegant Gin, Chase Marmalade Vodka, Chase Rhubarb Vodka, Williams Sloe & Mulberry Gin, Chase Naked, Chase Blackcurrant Liqueur, Chase Smoked Vodka, Williams Seville Orange Gin, Chase Raspberry Liqueur, Williams Pink Grapefruit Gin and Limoncello.

And once you've opened the day's window, head to their website for cocktail suggestions on what to make with your miniatures from the classic Martini, and Smoked Bloody Marys to the Twinkle and the Chase Marmalade Mule.

Christmas party cocktails

Two Chase products spring to mind at this time of year, their sloe gin and, brand new this year, Chase Espresso Vodka.

Chase Espresso Vodka -  £40


The Espresso Vodka combines Chase's original potato vodka with Ethiopian coffee beans, roasted locally to the distillery. It's slowly distilled, then cold-brewed, chill-filtered and carefully blended with the vodka. Perfect for drinking on its own, and bloody marvellous when it comes to making espresso martinis.

Chase Espresso Martini

50ml Chase Espresso Vodka

5ml runny honey

A pinch of coarse sea salt

Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker, stir until the honey is dissolved. Add ice. Shake hard with ice. Strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with three coffee beans

Sloe and Mulberry Gin - £30


In the days leading up to Christmas itself, that's when you need to crack open Chase's oak-aged sloe and mulberry gin. Turns out that Chase are Britain's first and only farm to bottle sloe gin. They macerate wild hedgerow sloe berries from Herefordshire and mulberries in Chase GB Gin and then age it in Rhone Valley red wine casks. Utterly delicious as it is, and a wonderful way to boost any mulled wine or punches you're thinking of serving up to friends or family over the festive season.

Sloe and mulberry gin mulled wine

Decent quality red wine (Merlot Preferred)

1 bottle Cinnamon

2 sticks Clove

1 tbsp Star Anise or 2 whole stars

Orange slices - ½ whole orange

Lemon Slice- ½ whole orange

Roughly 100g Sugar

3 dashes Angostura Bitters

Add all ingredients to a pan and gently warm (do not boil). Allow to infuse over a low heat for 10-15 minutes. Take off heat and allow to cool, strain liquid through a fine strainer and use.

Combine 37.5ml Chase Oak Aged Sloe & Mulberry Gin with the Homemade Mulled Wine. Build all ingredients into a tempered coupette glass and serve warm. Garnish with fresh orange slice and a star anise.

To buy any of the products mentioned here  - head on over to the Chase Distillery online shop.


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