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Platform 1904: Singapores New Harry Potter Cafe

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Cafe Harry Potter Platform 1904

We've found the best new way of magic-ing away the January blues, and it comes in the form of a trip to Singapore's newly-opened Harry-Potter themed restaurant and bar. Platform 1904 is the next best thing after Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, and offers up a whole host of wizard-friendly decor, food and drinks.

Located in East Singapore, near the Boon Keng MRT station, the eatery has only recently opened its doors to the public. And it's well worth a visit, particularly thanks to the (really quite magical) Goblet of Fire on offer. Yep, for S$15 ($10 USD) you can drink (and Insta) your very own enchanting concoction of Blue Curacao liqueur, lemonade and Barcadi rum set on fire.

Harry Potter Singapore

Harry Potter Singapore

Upon feeling refreshed, you might fancy a look around...when you do, you'll immediately notice the wizardry theme on display. Thanks to long wooden tables, chandeliers, and chairs with mystical prints, you'll feel pretty much like you're dining at Hogwarts' Great Hall.

That's not all, either. Guests have the opportunity to take pictures with a ton of magical props, from witch's hats to wands. For free.

Harry Potter Singapore

Cuisine-wise, the eatery offers a selection of Singaporean-Western fusion dishes: with some pretty innovative offerings ranging from Lebanese grilled chicken pasta to kale and cranberry shrimp salad.

But it's the desserts that are particularly wondrous, think Wizard’s Cup sponge cake and Black Magic panna cotta, for starters. Accio, Platform 1904!

Harry Potter party

Harry Potter Singapore


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