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Flavored Liqueur : marie brizard

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Marie Brizard, a French high-end liqueur brand, has recently announced a new product slated to grace its shelves. Based on the rising interest in Japanese ingredients in the food and beverage industry, Marie Brizard has unveiled a yuzu-flavored liqueur.

Though many Westerners likely aren't familiar with yuzu, the citrus fruit is commonly used as a seasoning, garnish, and zest in Japanese cuisine. In terms of flavor, it closely resembles a grapefruit, with a highly acidic and tart flavor profile. Because of this strong taste, yuzu is an ideal flavoring for a liqueur, and the Marie Brizard product will likely open up plenty of new avenues for bartenders and mixologists looking to expand their cocktail menus.

Marie Brizard's lineup of high-end liqueurs previously lacked a tart citrus option, making yuzu all the more compatible with the brand.


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