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Alcohol policy

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Policy overview

We generally don't allow the sale of alcoholic beverages on the US eBay website (eBay.com), except for pre-approved sales of wine. At our discretion, we may permit sales of other types of alcohol by pre-approved sellers in designated categories. You can find more information about below. We don't allow the sale of that contain alcohol. Members outside the US aren't allowed to sell alcohol to members residing in the US.

Make sure your listing follows our guidelines. If it doesn't, it may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including restrictions of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.

International alcohol sales

Keep in mind that the alcohol restrictions apply only to items for sale on the US eBay website (eBay.com). Alcohol may be sold on international eBay sites as permitted by local law. Please check the rules of each eBay website to find out more.

Shipping alcohol (pre-approved sellers)

The US Postal Service (USPS) doesn't allow the shipment of intoxicating liquors containing 0.5% or more alcohol by content.

You can find this information in Section 42 of Publication 52, Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Mail from USPS.

Private carriers such as FedEx and UPS may allow these items to be shipped, but you should check their rules and regulations before offering their shipping services in your listing.

What are the guidelines?

Alcohol and alcohol kits





Empty alcohol bottles and containers (images in the listing must show item is empty)

Non-alcoholic wines may be listed in the Wine category (by pre-approved sellers)

Wines listed in accordance with


Not allowed


Alcohol products other than from pre-approved sellers

Liquor licenses

Non-alcoholic or de-alcoholized beer

Other alcohols listed in the Wine category

Wine listed outside of the approved Wine category


Alcohol-related collectibles

We don't allow any container with alcohol, even if it may be considered collectible. can still list wine in the appropriate category. At our discretion, we may permit sales of other types of alcohol by pre-approved sellers in designated categories.



Alcohol-related memorabilia, including empty wine, liquor, and beer containers.


Not allowed


Collectible alcohol containers if they still contain any alcoholic content.

Open containers of alcohol.


Selling wine on eBay


Generally, wine can't be sold on eBay. However, we do allow some of our members to list wine in the Wine category as long as they follow federal, state, local, and other applicable laws and regulations. These members must carry the required license to sell and ship wine, and they have completed our registration process to list wines on our website. This policy is applicable to those approved sellers and buyers who transact with them. To become a licensed seller of wine on eBay, start the registration process by uploading a copy of your alcohol license here. You also need to enter your eBay user ID in the comments section of the document upload page.

Approved wine sellers

Sellers must include the following information within each item description:

Link to our alcohol policy page:

A lawful shipping policy that specifies the states to which you can ship wine (if any), and any restrictions on such shipments (for example, whether the wine can be shipped directly to consumers)

State-by-state eligibility requirements for potential buyers, indicating whether buyers in particular states would be required to receive wine at a particular location in the seller's state, instead of having it shipped directly.

The buyer's age requirement.

Language which lets buyers know that the seller has been pre-approved by eBay prior to listing wine.

Wine buyers

In order to purchase wine on eBay from pre-approved wine sellers, buyers must meet the following requirements:

Be at least 21 years old

If the recipient of the wine isn't the buyer, the buyer must make sure that the recipient is at least 21 years old

Make sure that the transaction follows all interstate commerce laws, including all laws around shipping and fulfillment

Buyers, by bidding on or purchasing these items, warrant and represent that they are aware of and are in compliance with their own state laws and regulations.

State laws

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