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The Sexy Gabriella Grigo Gives The Honest Truth About First Dates

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First dates are never the easiest things for men and women to experience, as meeting up with a complete stranger can lead to plenty of nerves and false expectations.

Since we're here to help you make it through unscathed—and land another date—model Gabriella Grigo reveals what every guy should do in order to impress a sexy woman, and, hopefully, be the gentleman the lady's been looking for.

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What Is The Most Repulsive Thing A Man Can Do On A First Date?

"The most repulsive thing a man can do on a first date, to me, would be looking at my breasts instead of my eyes whilst I talk. That's a definite no for me, because I'm not an object, and that would mean that a man doesn't care about my personality."

What's It Take For A Guy To Get Your Attention?

"A man needs to have a good personality and charisma. Even if a man isn't the best looking, if he's charming and confident and has a good sense of humor, that attracts me. Also, a good cologne and a nice shirt. I want to see that he cares and puts an effort, but must importantly, a good smile and charisma."

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What's One Thing You Never Do On A First Date?

"I normally never say never, but on a first date, I would never eat onion or garlic. In fact, I would never eat these things in general. But, I would also expect a man not to eat it, as I can't stand onion breath when someone talk to me. Anything else, I would say, depends on the person I'm with and the situation we're in."

Any Rules You Set For Yourself When First Meeting A Guy?

"I always set rules, but rules are meant to be broken. My number one is to be myself and like myself first, because, if I don't, no one else will. Rule number two is to not drink too much wine and stay classy. But, the most important rule of all, is to know a way back home after a date."

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Describe Your Ideal First Date

"My ideal first date is not necessarily a stunning first class restaurant with a view and champagne—although I wouldn't mind that—but it's getting to know the person I meet. The most important thing is good company, good laughs and attraction, anything else is only a bonus."

Do You Kiss On The First Date? Yes? No? Or Depends On The Guy/Mood?

"I am very picky who I would need for a date. I wouldn't go with just anyone. I make sure I really like a person, and if I had a great time and there's a spark, I would kiss on a first date and check if I had butterflies."

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What's The One Thing You Wish Guys Knew Before Taking You Out For The First Time?

"That I love a man who can make me laugh, that I love a gentleman and, most importantly, that I wish he knew that I am a real person. Yes, I'm a model, but I hate guys who just want another trophy."

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