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How To Entertain On A Budget

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Posted by ReganJonesRD

November 17, 2016

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Entertaining on a budget this holiday season? Find out why shopping at ALDI is the best way to save money on high-quality foods.

Entertaining on a budget this holiday season? Find out why shopping at ALDI is the best way to save money on high-quality foods. 

~by Regan Jones, RD

Disclosure: While I’m being compensated as an Ambassador for ALDI to share this post, once you read it you’ll understand — I love ALDI, sponsorship or not. As always, thanks for letting me share info with you on behalf of brands that support Healthy Aperture

If you clicked into today’s post expecting me to simply say “It’s because of their low prices,” you’re only half right. This is a blog, not just a headline, and most of you know, I ALWAYS have a lot to say. So I’m giving you perhaps more than you bargained for in today’s post. 

Before we begin, allow me to share a little back story. I often post about foods/brands that I’m a “fan” of. Sometimes this means I’ve had the good fortune to try their products or meet their team, and somewhere in that mix I’ve grown to like them/their product. 

But my love of ALDI is different. 

I’m honestly like a school girl with a crush on the quarterback when it comes to ALDI. Only, this quarterback is not just good looking, he’s honest, hardworking, kind and good with money. (You got that ALDI is the quarterback, right? Sometimes my analogies need work.)

Anyway, if you’ve never been in an ALDI store or if you’ve been there in the past and didn’t have the same experience as me, you’re probably thinking, “Wow. This girl needs a life.” 

You’re right. I do. But that’s not the point. 

The life I DO currently have involves feeding a picky eater son, a husband with food sensitivities, and another son who loves food and values quality as much as I do, along with a full-time recipe testing business courtesy of this blog and my clients. Needless to say, I spend A LOT of money on A LOT of groceries. But honestly, I spend only a fraction of what I used to spend (about 30 to 50% if you want specifics) now that I do most of my grocery shopping at ALDI. 

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you. The holidays are nipping at your heels and I assume you clicked in today looking for a few good reasons to run by your local ALDI to check things out. So here they are: 

ALDI products are high quality. I can say that honestly, having been both a shopper AND a recent visitor to the ALDI test kitchen. On my recent trip up to ALDI HQ, I, along with a handful of other RD bloggers, did a side-by-side, blinde taste test comparing national brands to ALDI brands. None of us could tell the difference. Sure we had some lucky guesses, but all in all, the quality was identical to the national brand, if not better in many cases.  

ALDI stores are easy to navigate. I didn’t appreciate this benefit until I started balancing a full-time career and two children. I have ZERO time to wander around a big store aimlessly trying to find both the ingredients for a holiday sangria and the cups to serve them in. At ALDI, I make 1 sweep up the 5 aisles and then 1 sweep along the back wall. Then, I’M DONE. Efficiency at its best. 

(MY) ALDI has awesome wine at awesome prices. I recall buying cases of the same wine at other retailers when it went on sale, simply to save money for a party. At ALDI, you can grab a huge assortment of award winning wines (assuming of course you’re in a state that allows wine sales in grocery stores. If you’re not… well, perhaps I suggest a move? #JustKidding #KindOf).  

ALDI has unique products. This may have been the quirky thing about ALDI that I loved most when I first visited. Have you ever tried a unique cheese — say maybe a Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese at a restaurant and wished you could get that at your grocery store? Or perhaps you had a Christmas Stollen years ago, but have no clue where to find one now. Well guess what? At ALDI, you can! ALDI stores offer way more than canned goods and pantry staples. With party foods and imported specialty items like the ones I’m sharing below, it’s so effortless to put together a fun festive spread for noshing (while keeping your budget in check).

And with that, I’ll offer you my personal selection of party foods you need to snag from your local ALDI (just be sure to take your own bags + a quarter for your cart. If you’re not sure what all that’s for, read this post on How to Shop at ALDI to find out!)

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