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Seven John Does

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Does John Seven


November 16, 2016


Seven John Does

Seven John Does  

Some older ones this time. No names, but a lot of data about the ages, vintages, casks, the stillman’s birth year, the number of rodents that the mouser killed, and even the sex of angels. Quite…


The Wanderer 24 yo 1992/2016 (55.5%, Exile Casks, barrel, Speyside)

  The Wanderer 24 yo 1992/2016 (55.5%, Exile Casks, barrel, Speyside) A homeless undisclosed single malt that found a free bed at Neil and Joel’s in London. A very moving story. Colour: pale gold. Nose: starts varnishy and even acetic, with some cellulose and sawdust, and gets then rather bourbony, with a lot of vanilla and touches of coconut. Even more sawdust too. We’re almost at IKEA ;-). With water: gets rather earthy, with sweeter notes too. Hay, custard and marshmallows, nice combo. Mouth (neat): really good, creamy, pretty much in the style of these many young Aultmores that the indies were having two or three years ago. Vanilla liqueur, coconut, sweet tannins, tea… With water: rather tangerines this time, as well as oranges. Finish: medium, on pretty much the same flavours, and rather more malt. Coconut balls. Greenish tannins in the aftertaste, but those are nice. Comments: the cask has been rather active. I could have said Arran, but we all know that Arran wasn’t quite running yet in 1992. SGP551 - 85 points.  

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