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3 Ways to Remove Red Wine from Fabric

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Determine if your fabric can withstand powerful cleaning products. Check the label for the fabric’s components, cleaning instructions and warnings.

Silk and wool are especially fragile fabrics, weakened by water and not able to withstand chlorine bleach. Alternatively, linen and synthetic materials tend to be more durable, while cotton ranges in the middle.

If there are no warnings on the label, search online to make sure your fabric can withstand the cleaning product of your choice.

Dry-clean only fabrics should be taken to the cleaners as soon as possible, preferably within the first or second day after spillage. Do not attempt to wash on your own.

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Choose a powerful cleaning product that is still fabric safe.

Products such as OxiClean, Resolve and Wine Away have proven most successful in removing stains with out harming fabric.

Cleaning products work almost identically to the household remedies mentioned earlier, using absorption and chemicals to lift out stains. However, cleaning products may prove more reliable as they have been specifically tested to remove stains in a efficient and consistent manner.

Cleaning products contain bleach. Avoid using any bleach products on wool, silk, mohair, leather, and spandex.

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Sponge the fabric with hot water. Blot the stain and lift out as much excess liquid as possible before applying the product to the stain.

Blotting makes your life easier. It absorbs as much of the stain as possible. The cleaning agent is then able to save its powers for the tougher stains that have already begun to set in.

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Apply product as directed. OxiClean and Resolve can come in different forms, such as detergent, spray and liquid formulas. For the best results, follow the label’s instructions.

Wine Away is packaged in spray bottles and should be sprayed directly onto the stain. Let sit for fifteen minutes before washing as usual.


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