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Whats New at the A.K. Smiley Public Library: Books on holiday party planning

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Whats Holiday party Public planning

Whats New at the A.K. Smiley Public Library: Books on holiday party planning

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Throwing a successful party is somewhat of an art. Menus, guest lists, decorations and, of course, getting the house in order are just some of the preparations to consider.

With the upcoming holidays, the A.K. Smiley Public Library will be a great stop to help you get started in these endeavors. We’ve got books that will aid you in hosting whatever function you may be planning.

Make sure not to stress over being perfect, either; it really is about the time spent with your family and friends. Besides, you’ll eventually laugh about the turkey that blew up in the oven (yes, I actually blew up a turkey) and the wine spilled on your aunt’s heirloom tablecloth (yes, it was red wine, too). I just like to think I was helping to create memories!

A wonderful all-around book with decorating, crafting and recipe ideas is “Country Living Christmas Joys” by Country Living. Part 1 includes various decorations, including wreaths, ornaments and garlands. I love the homespun crafts of glittered lightbulbs and “Mason-jar snowglobes,” which look great and are easy ways to bring a bit of whimsy into your home.

Part 2 is dedicated to those who want to try their hand at gift making. The “message gloves” with stitched letters on the fingers is an imaginative idea. Of course, all the cookies and treats are delicious ways to give, as well.

The third part of the book wraps up with some appetizing recipes and menu suggestions.

For guidance in party planning and preparation, “Celebrate” by Lauren Conrad has inspirational information to offer. Her book starts with what every host or hostess should consider when organizing a function. This includes the reason for the party, invitations, menus, proper place settings, alcoholic beverage fundamentals and appropriate glassware.

Her next section is devoted to theme parties that she has actually thrown. Birthday, bridal shower, dinner, wedding and holiday are just some of the parties discussed.

She shares which menus and decorations she used for each of her parties, while also including fun ideas on attire and etiquette. Complete with her personal stories and pictures, this book is useful for gatherings at any time of the year.

A sure way to put a smile on your party-goers’ faces is to bring out the cookie tray. Good Housekeeping’s new book “Christmas Cookies: 75 Irresistible Holiday Treats” will be an indispensable resource.

Whether you’re looking to give these treats as a gift, bring them as your dessert offering at a Christmas extravaganza or gobble them up all by yourself in the privacy of your own home, this book has all the favorite cookies that remind us of the holidays.


It includes easy recipes for some of the classics like drop, thumbprint, toffee, Russian tea cakes, biscotti and ginger cookies. Not only are these cookies a joy to look at, but they are time-tested, tasty treats, as well.

For those celebrating the holidays with a festive tree, the adornment process is the perfect way to express creativity, especially if you make the ornaments yourself. “The New Christmas Tree: 24 Dazzling Trees and Over 100 Handcrafted Projects for an Inspired Holiday” by Carrie Brown has plenty of fresh ideas with accompanying color photographs to inspire designs of your own.

Each tree is distinctive and explores different themes and color patterns. If making crafts for a larger tree is too intimidating, consider creating several small tabletop trees or check out the local craft fairs to find some offbeat and unique ornaments.

Lastly, one book to keep an eye out for, due to arrive at the library soon, is “Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook: Entertaining for Absolutely Every Occasion” by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. We have two of Moskowitz’s other very popular cookbooks in our collection and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of her newest. It will include all-vegan appetizers, main dishes and desserts with seasonal recipe ideas for holidays year-round.

Jill Martinson is a library specialist at the A.K. Smiley Public Library.


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