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Exhibition Wine Opening

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Wine exhibition opening

On April 27, 2017, wine enthusiasts Wine Factory SA "Vinia Traian" was invited to the event that was already traditional - "Vernisajul Vinului", XIIth edition, with the name "Vernisaj in vals de primavara ".

The event gathered wine producers in 49 countries across the country. At the opening you had the chance to indulge in over 400 quality wines.

The Wine Opening is a select event dedicated to the promotion of wine culture and the consumption of quality wine in the Republic of Moldova. The opening of wine aims to promote wine culture on the domestic market; to present the wines in a new, distinct, sophisticated manner, with the care for the product and to highlight the quality of the product.

Exhibition Wine Opening

The event has the following objectives: to stimulate the internal market of quality wines produced in Moldova, to increase the consumption quality of quality wine and to provide a platform for communication between winemakers and consumers, where new products and consumer trends are being launched.

Exhibition Wine Opening

"Vinia Traian" traces wine as a true art that has its roots on the stairs of the Bugeac. These wines spring from the ancestors' souls and traditions, which are now perfectly complemented by cutting-edge technologies, implemented as part of a bold improvement of quality launched in 2016 by Enterprise Management.

"Vinia Traian" winery participated in the contest with a range of wines: white, red, rose - dry and semi - finished. Of which the most favorable are Cabernet-Sauvignon Rose, White Sauce, Sauvignon - Riesling, Chardonnay etc.

Exhibition Wine Opening


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