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The museum exhibition

The WiMu visit is a descending course that winds through light and dark, sound and color, video and mechanisms that the visitor himself must activate to allow the installations to tell the story of wine. It is an authentic immersion into the culture of this age-old product.

The museum course involves and excites the visitor, taking him to the panoramic terrace on the second floor of the castle and down to the ancient cellars, the heart of the building, where Barolo wine was born in the mid-1800s. Little by little, as the visitor descends, the themes and installations connect and become concrete experiences.

In the beginning, nature is the protagonist, for its indisputable role in the creation of all wine. Here, the rooms wrap the visitor in another world – the natural world.

The course follows the discovery of wine in history and art, in the kitchen and in cinema, in music and literature, and in universal myths and local traditions.

The WiMu is a museum, but it is also a gift to the castle and the distinguished people who once lived here. This includes the last Falletti Marquis of Barolo, Carlo Tancredi and his wife Juliette Colbert, better known as Giulia di Barolo, and Silvio Pellico, an important figure during the Italian Risorgimento that unified Italy in the same years that Barolo was born in the surrounding hills.

Finally, there is the wine tasting. All 11 Barolo-producing towns of the Langhe are represented in the ancient wine cellars of the Marquis that today hold the Regional Enoteca of Barolo. Here, admire the greatest labels and most memorable vintages of one Italy’s most important wines. Purchase a bottle or two to make the WiMu experience last.

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