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‘Indian consumers are now appreciating fine food with wine’

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Wine food with fine Indian

By Express News Service

When are you the happiest at work?
Owning and running a restaurant has its own perks, there are good days and then there are trying days, but for me, nothing in this world is more soothing than seeing guests nodding their head in appreciation after taking their first bite. The real delight is when you see a guest dining with us for lunch and we get to greet him again for dinner the same day, now that is what I would term as happiness at work.

What trends are you noticing regarding wine and food pairings?
We, as Indians, and our journey to experience different kinds of cuisines the world has to offer have evolved rapidly. It’s amazing to see that we love eating in plantain leaves sitting cross-legged on the floor, at the same time, we cherish course meals at fine dine restaurants around the world.
An advantage to this exposure is the ability to appreciate what is poured and served at the cover. The Indian consumer has started appreciating fine food. What was once just a glass of grape juice a few years ago, has now become a regular feature in our fine dine experience.  

What was your biggest disappointment as a chef?
That I did not become one soon after my birth.

Which is your favourite restaurant? What would you prefer to eat there?
I have travelled the world and my favourite restaurant is Lycabettus in the Greece Island of Santorini. I just love their Salmon. It’s just perfect.

Describe one incident when you messed up a recipe real bad?
Serving a hard-core non-vegetarian guest a veg platter is one of those few incidents where I have messed up.

What is the best recent food trend?
Course-by-course meal is a new trend that has become popular in the last few years. Dining out is no longer just about eating out, it’s about creating a unique experience for your guest and making an impression that lasts. Making memories with food is the best experience you can offer as a host.

– Anoop Verma, founder and chef, Aioli BBQ and Grill


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