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New Platform Boosts Productivity in the Wine Industry

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Wine Industry boosts Platform Productivity

New Platform Boosts Productivity in the Wine Industry Monday, 12 August 2019, 9:04 am
Press Release: Drinkfo

drinkfo.com has been specifically designed for wine businesses to save time and money, supercharging the wine trade in the technology era.

As wine industries around the globe mature, so does the amount of wine information available. While more specific vintage information, imagery, scores and reviews can help sell more cases, this data often causes huge inefficiencies in the wine trade.

A new platform is now available to tackle overflowing inboxes and duplicate data on servers, supercharging the wine trade with readily available and accurate wine information - direct from the producer. drinkfo.com has been specifically designed for the wine trade by industry experts, offering an easy to use platform for wineries, trade and media worldwide.

“As a marketing consultant I’ve seen many hours wasted and opportunities missed - especially during harvest - due to manually sharing wine information. It just seemed logical to create a central platform for wineries to save their wine information that can be accessed 24/7 by trade and media”, says Caro Jensen, co-founder of drinkfo.com.

The wine trade is quickly seeing the benefits of this cloud-based solution with leading wineries, retailers, distributors and media joining drinkfo.com over the last weeks.

“Having accurate information about the wines we’re selling saves our business resources that are usually spent chasing bottle shots and tasting notes from our brand owners and we can focus on what we do best, selling wines and delighting our customers”, says Paul Newport, owner of Wine Central.

While securely storing and sharing accurate wine information is at the heart of the Kiwi SaaS-business, the new platform offers many integration and collaboration opportunities.

Rob Jensen, co-founder and technical lead at drinkfo.com adds: “We’re working with other innovative businesses to streamline listing and submission processes around wine information and we’re incredibly excited about the solutions we’re able to offer the global wine trade now and in the months to come.”

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