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Mike McRoberts Announced as Wine Auction Ambassador

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Mike McRoberts Announced as Wine Auction Ambassador Thursday, 1 August 2019, 9:37 am
Press Release: Hawke's Bay Chairty Wine Auction

Thursday 1st, August

Mike Mcroberts Announced as Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction Ambassador.

The Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction is proud to announce Mike McRoberts as the first official Event Ambassador. Mike McRoberts, who delivers news and current affairs on New Zealand’s number one news source Newshub, Live on Three at 6pm across the nation, best known for his work in some of the world's most dangerous places, has covered some of the world's biggest stories, is now stepping in to the role of Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction Ambassador.

Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction, Project Manager – Elisha Milmine says, 'We are thrilled to form the partnership with Mediaworks Hawke’s Bay and Mike McRoberts. As well as being one of the nation’s most popular anchors, Mike has won numerous journalism awards, published a book “Beyond the Front Line”, and is also a UNICEF ambassador. This passion, commitment and his love of wines, make him the perfect person to act as the Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction Ambassador, helping raise much needed funds for Cranford Hospice.'

‘I’m delighted to be taking on this role, supporting Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction continue as the largest annual contributor to Cranford Hospice and, also helping to raise the profile for the world-class wines this region produces’ says Mike McRoberts.

The Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction has firmly secured the position of New Zealand’s premier wine auction for quality and uniqueness of the wine offerings. With Hawke's Bay viticulturists basking in the glow of what could be the region’s best grape harvest yet, the 28th annual event is set to be another spectacular celebration. Wineries from within the region are creating specially crafted premium wines to be auctioned at the annual event in November. With one feature artist and a luxury travel package from Jenny Nilsson at House of Travel in the mix, this year’s line-up is extremely impressive.

Guests will enjoy an afternoon of delicious canapes, speaking with winemakers, tasting the superb wines on auction. This is followed by the fun, lively auction - raise your paddles to walk away with some of Hawke’s Bay’s finest wines, one travel package or the feature art piece by Mauricio Benega.

Tickets to the Pre-tasting on 2nd October and Wine Auction on 9th November went on sale 1st July, and are being snapped up fast, numbers are limited and typically sell out - so be in quick.

For more information or to purchase tickets visit hawkesbaywineauction.co.nz, or ‘like’ Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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