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Art revealed for 28th annual Hawke's Bay Wine Auction

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Wine Annual auction Revealed Hawke

Art revealed for 28th annual Hawke's Bay Wine Auction Thursday, 4 July 2019, 10:04 am
Press Release: Hawke's Bay Wine Auction

Organisers of New Zealand’s oldest and most prestigious wine auction are thrilled to have Mauricio Benega as the 2019 Feature Artist. ‘The Wine Capital of NZ’ - the painting Mauricio has especially created was unveiled at an exclusive Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction Sponsor Partnership function last night at the Art Deco Masonic Hotel, in Napier.

‘The Wine Capital of NZ’ painting explores our region from the good weather, to the beautiful beaches and landmarks. From the vibrant colours, to the cool laid back lifestyle and everything in between. All of these things relating to a good wine of course.

Mauricio Benega says “my painting process is very slow and I like to do a few other paintings while I'm working on the main one. However, when I start the composition, I let the process flow naturally and things change in an organic way, with all the layers above layers of paint. It is then that the art work starts to come to life. This piece will make the viewer look over and over again to be able to digest everything. It’s a visual journal where I play with typography, humour and lots of colours to represent the vibrant and funky Hawke‘s Bay Wine Capital of NZ.”

Project Manager, Elisha Milmine says, ‘This is a truly remarkable painting, there is something new to see each time the eye starts to explore it. Measuring 2090 x 1220mm it will make an impressive addition to its home at the lucky winning bidders property’

‘Tickets went on sale on Monday 1st July and are being snapped up quickly, with only a few tickets remaining to Pre-tasting event which is held a month prior to the main auction event, and tickets to the main Auction event on November 9th are selling well - “for the last 5 years we have sold out which is a testament to the quality of wine auction lot offerings available, join us to Sip, Swirl, Savor and bid...,”

In addition to the painting, there are 41 lots available, including bespoke, one-off wines from some of the most prestigious wineries in Hawke’s Bay, collaborations between winemakers, artists and restaurants, and one travel package. There is plenty of quality selection for bidders to choose from.

Event tickets are also on sale now via , being held on Saturday November 9th at 1.00 – 5.00pm.

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