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The Essex County Wine Tour

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               Essex County Tours
      The Essex County Wine Tour


         We invite you to join us on an Essex County Wine Tour
                         Breweries & Distilleries also Available

Come tour the lovely countryside as we visit the estate wineries of  Beautiful Essex County. Take part in a vineyard and winery tour. Enjoy the wine tasting where you can sample wine and purchase any you may find to your liking or to use as gifts for your family and friends. There are 17 wineries in Essex County. We will visit as many wineries as time allows and there will be a lunch break before we get too far into the wine tasting. Your tour guide has considerable knowledge of viticulture and wine making having started a vineyard on Pelee Island and worked in the wine industry since 1986.

The Essex County Wine Tour is great for staff outings, casual business meetings, girls day
out , "Birthday Party", family and friends. Bus Charters & Tour Groups Welcome. Planning a wedding, , party  or function and don't know what wine to buy or if you are new to Essex County it's a great way to get a little taste of the area. Essex County Tours does not recommend or suggest wines. That is up to the individual wineries to inform you of their award winning wines, specialty wines and products. All we will say is if you taste a wine and like it it's a good wine. If you taste a wine and do not like it it's not a good wine.

Visitors from Michigan, Ohio and all other areas welcome.

I also take pictures , like the ones on this website, so you have something to show your friends, when you tell them about the different wineries you visited on the wine tour.

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Wine Tasting on a Girls Day Out on an Essex County Wine Tour..

 Prices for half day tour 12:30 pm to 5:00pm (Start and finish times can vary to suit your needs)

    Half day tours will be $75.00 per person plus HST. Food and snacks are welcome on the bus.

                                                 Prices for all day tour 10:30 am to 6:00 pm

Full day tours will be $115.00 per person plus HST  You can chose any place you would like to eat or $130.00 per person plus HST with lunch included at one of three locations. Food and snacks are welcome on the bus.

 For larger groups 2o to 48: $300.00 a hour plus H.S.T. minimum of 5 hours. $300.00 a hour plus H.S.T. for each hour over 5.

I can and will help you plan your tour if you like. Wineries want advance notice of your arrival, because of popular demand especially on Saturdays, the sooner the better. You may also include Distilleries or Breweries if you like.

A question from Valerie:  Hey Moe. Is there any kind of deal you can work out with the wineries for us?

My Reply:
Unfortunately no .... They should be paying me to bring them customers ..... They don't see it that way and their thinking is out of wack. I used to pay for tastings but they became unreasonable about their prices. Customers should not be expected to pay for tastings #1 if you don't like the product presented why would you purchase and #2 if you do like a product it doesn't mean you have to purchase at the time if you are local. That is why I put the prices on the website be cause the wineries don't offer that information unless you actually call them.

Aleksender:  $5.00 for 4 tastings. Tour and tasting $5.00

Black Bear: No charge to sample wine. All fruit wine no grape. Lots of different flavors. No limit on samples. Buy 1.

C.R.E.W: $5.00 per tasting, $9.95 for a group sit down tasting. Contact C.R.E.W. for other options.

Colio: No charge up to 10 people. $2.00 plus H.S.T. ..... Contact winery about tour and times.

Coopers Hawk: $5.00 per for bar tasting. $12.00 per over 10. Contact winery about tour and times.

Erie Shores Vineyard: $5.00 per tasting & wave the tasting fee if you purchase. Weekends max 6 people.  Week days maybe 10 or 12 people by arrangement.

Mastronardi Estate Winery: $5.00 per person, $7.00 over 10 & $10.00 for tasting & tour.

Muscedere Vineyard: $5.00 per person.

North 42 Degrees Estate Winery: $5.00 per for 5 samples. $12.00 for 4 samples over 10 people.

Oxley Estate Winery: $4.00 per for 4 samples. $12.00 for 4 samples over 10 people.

Paglione Estate Winery: $4.00 per person & wave the tasting fee if you purchase. Groups $4.00 per person.

Pelee Island Winery: Tastings are complementary, Winery tour and tasting $5.00.

Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery: $4.00 for wine tasting.

Sanson Estate Winery: Phone number not valid. ????

Viewpoint Estate Winery: Wine tastings are by donation up to 10  people. Over 10 $5.00 by arrangement.

Vivace Estate Winery: $3.00 for 4 tastings. Sit down tastings for groups $8.00.

The Bride and Bride's Maids on an Essex County Wine Tour before the Big Day.


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