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Camryn Wine Tours Announces Awesome Review About Their Driver Donald

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Camryn Wine Tours, based in Charlottesville, VA, has announced with pride that they have received yet another five-star review, with the client mentioning positive things about their driver Donald. The company offers wine tours in Charlottesville, Central Virginia, and Albemarle County. The clients, who were composed of three ladies, went on a wine tour with Donald as their driver. They were impressed with Donald’s great personality and his in-depth knowledge about the area. Those who want to read the actual review can take a look at https://bit.ly/2DRVSNR.

In the review, Kristin L. says, “One you must visit Virginia for their great wines and scenery and two you must use Camryn's for transportation .... if you are lucky enough you'll get Donald as your driver. We (3 ladies in their early 30's) decided to come to Virginia Wine Country after visiting Sonoma wanting to try something different and something more accessible coming from Ohio. The scenery was better than California wine country with the mountains, forests and ponds. We tried some wines which were as good as those in California. We spent three days with Donald and he has the best personality and is very knowledgeable about the area; he got us to try places we did not have on our itinerary (like Trump Winery which had the best views and Donald's recommendation did not disappoint) and provided information about the areas we drove through. We felt like his 3 adopted daughters for the weekend; he made sure we were safe in our Airbnb and in true form of a man with daughters knew the importance of getting a picture and took our pictures of us at every stop.”

Kristin L. continues, “Camryn's was comparable in prices from other companies we researched and the quality of service, comfort and convenience are worth it. We wanted to enjoy the tastings and take it all in and having a driver is worth it. Our itinerary was Day 1: Burnely, Chestnut Oak, Barboursville (do the vertical tasting in the library), Horton, Keswick; Day 2: Michael Shaps, First Colony, Trump, Glenheim, Gabrielle Rausse and Jefferson; Day 3: Veritas, Cardinal Point, Flying Fox (try the vermouth), Valley Road, Pollack Vineyards and King Family. Please note we were able to see so much because we came during a rainy weekend (Saturday - Monday) which kept people away from the wineries and most of the time we were the only three people doing the tasting. Donald is the best and we cannot wait to come back and visit!”

Virginia’s wine country has become a popular destination for wine lovers in the East Coast. In fact, the local wine in Virginia has already achieved world-class popularity. The popularity of the award-winning Bordeaux-like blends have even attracted the British Royal family. Thus, Barboursville Vineyards Octagon was given a spot at the table during the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Camryn Wine Tours was established by John Hunt and Bill Kerr in 2005 before the vineyard and winery culture of Central Virginia Wine Country began to be recognized as a wine destination. From the start, the company had focused on providing luxury vehicles driven by professional chauffeurs to bring clients comfortably to the most beautiful vineyards and best wine tasting rooms. UK-based wine critic Steven Spurrier has pointed out that Virginia is a national contender when it comes to producing wines of fresh character. Those who are interested in visiting the company’s offices can check out their Google Maps page at https://goo.gl/maps/wGb3PXGMWtH2.

Furthermore, there are several wine festivals that may attract wine lovers to Virginia. There are more than 300 wine festivals in the state every year. Some of the most popular are Neptune’s Fall Wine Festival, Annual Virginia Wine Expo, and Virginia Wine Festival.

The company points out that Virginia is an ideal destination for wine lovers, having more than 200 wineries and several wine trails. The limo wine tours provide the perfect opportunity for people to enjoy tasting wine in Virginia while assessing the age, flavors, and depth of various wines that they can buy to enjoy later. Those who want more information or would like to schedule a wine tour can check out their website at https://winetours.camryn-limo.com/.


For more information about Camryn Wine Tours, contact the company here:

Camryn Wine Tours
Bill Kerr
(434) 979-8200
Camryn Wine Tours 513 E Main St #1323 Charlottesville, VA 22902


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