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Vapur Wandervino Portable Wine Server Glasses $16.99 on Massdrop

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Wine Glasses server Vapur Wandervino

Vapur Wandervino Kit

Vapur Wandervino Kit

About the Vapur Wandervino Kit via Massdrop: “With the Vapur Wandervino Kit, you can bring your favorite wine on a picnic or camping trip without worrying about breaking a glass bottle or disposing of it. The kit includes a pair of shatterproof stemless glasses. Made of BPA-free polymer, the Vintage Wine Carrier is a reusable pouch with a screw cap that holds 25 ounces of your favorite beverage. It can stand upright when filled or lay flat when empty. The reusable Govino wine glasses have thumb notches for gripping and are also BPA free. The optional Incognito Flexible Flask holds 10 ounces.”

As of this posting, deals site Massdrop has this as one of their drops for $16.99.  Because of Massdrops agreements with retailers, a free account is required to see or buy this.  Check Massdrop for current price and availability.

Vapur Wandervino Kit

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