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Spain invents the first anti

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News24xx.com - This winery in the Galicia region of Spain has just launched wine-flavored drink that makes drinkers enjoy the taste of red or white wine without worrying about getting drunk or gaining weight.

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This drink is named Vida Gallaecia. This drink is the result of a two-year collaborative concoction between Bodega Líquido Gallaecia and scientists at the State Council of the Higher Council of Scientific Research (CSIC). This anti-drunk wine is made by involving the use of flavanols from grapes and residues from the Godello wine making process.

The selection of flavanols themselves is not arbitrary because, many studies link flavanol intake with health benefits. "For example, it has a positive effect on diabetes" researcher Carmen Martinez told The Voice of Galicia, citing Centra Oddity. Flavanols, he continued, are antioxidants, heart protectors, and antibacterial.

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Vida Gallaecia has a taste made of two grape varieties, Mencia for red wine and Godello for white wine. This drink also does not contain chemical solvents.

The water used comes from Galicia springs and grapes from the land of the Valdeorras region. The details of the formula and the recipe for making wine are still confidential. As a result, the taste of this drink is like wine in general, but does not contain alcohol and has very few calories.



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