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Make Your Own Wine for your Wedding

wedding wines make  your own

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Making your own wine for your wedding adds a personal touch and it's fun, easy and economical. Your personalized wine can be served during the reception or given as a gift to your guests. If you aren't sure which wine to choose
we can customize a wedding package just for you.
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wedding wines make  your own

Bottling and agingIt is recommended that you bottle age your white wine for two to three months.
For example, if your wedding is on Aug. 18, you will need to start making your wine by at least May 5.

For red wine, you should bottle age your wine for at least four months, but the longer the better. Red wine will grow into its taste as it ages, so if you have the leeway, bottle as soon as you can. For the same wedding date (Aug. 18), you should start making your wine by at least March 5. How much wine do I need? The amount of wine you will need depends on the type wedding guests, the format of the event, time of day and year, the menu, and of course the number of guests. It is always better to have extra wine than have it run out. When calculating the amount of bottles, figure for about five five-ounce servings in every bottle – each standard bottle holds 750 millilitres or 25 ounces.

How to calculate the amount of wineNumber of people multiplied by four
Divide by five (standard bottle holds five servings)
Divide by 30 for the number of batches, then round up.

For  example:
200 guests x 4 = 800
800 divided by 5 = 160
160 divided by 30 = 5.33; for six batches of wine.
It’s entirely up to you what proportion of red and white that you’d like to make, but half and half is the norm. When do I need to order my wine? Choosing your wines Amongst the myriad of details you have to deal with, it is necessary to schedule in the making of your wine. It will take between six and eight weeks to get your wine ready to bottle, and another two to six months to bottle age.

Choosing your wines

Ask us about our recommendations.

Wine Bottle Labels

We offer commercial labels and personalized labels.

Make your own wine, homebrewing, wine making kits, how to make wine, Flamboro, Flamborough, Waterdow

Wine Brands

Each batch makes 23 litres (thirty 750ml bottles).

Browse our complete list of wines!

Grand Cru Wines
10L of varietal grape juice and concentrates sourced from around the globe create perfectly balanced wines. In just 4 weeks you will have a wonderful, ready to enjoy wine. Little or no aging required. You can enjoy your wine shortly after bottling.
Grand Cru Wine Selections  

Grand Cru International Collection Wines
12L of country specific select grape juice and concentrates creates an exquisite wine, ready in just 5 weeks. The addition of "Genuwine" Winery Dried Grape Skins in some varieties will enhance the flavour and bouquet of your wine.
Grand Cru International Collection Wine Selections

Cru Select Wines
Made with 16L of region specific pure varietal grape juice along with European and Australian grape concentrates. Your wine can be enjoyed young or allowed to age for a few months to truly discover the excellence of Cru Select. Ready in 6 weeks.
Cru Select Wine Selections

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