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The First Brewery/Winery Combo in Albemarle Opens for Business

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The First Brewery/Winery Combo in Albemarle Opens for Business Posted: Sunday, August 26, 2018 4:52 PM EDT Updated: Monday, August 27, 2018 1:50 PM EDT

Meriwether's beer on tap

Meriwether's beer on tap


Meriwether Springs Vineyard & Brewery opened as both a winery and brewery for the first time this weekend, making it the first brewery/winery in Albemarle County.

The site began as a vineyard six years ago. Meriwether Springs added a brewery that produces six original beers.

"There are few places that have done it in the northern part of the state but as someone whose lived here for a long time and my business partner also has a family like I do, you know, we're always going out and exploring but it always seems like there's like you get one or the other," said co-owner Jesse Pappas.

The creative idea for the establishment came to fruition after much hard work.

"Took a few years to get it together but finally it came together and I think it just makes sense because if you talk to a lot of folks who run a tasting room and a winery, they'll often say that the folks who come in maybe out of the couple, one person wants to taste wine and the other one may be shuffling their feet wondering when they can get a beer," John Bryce, the brewmaster.

Several legal obstacles stood in the way of the combination. "From a licensing standpoint, it's a little bit tricky because there are farm winery and farm brewery are two very different licenses but you know it's kind of just two separate operations on the same premises just in a lot of ways so, so it's tricky because they're two different set of processes and regulations," said Bryce.

"The state has been great, and the county has been great and it's just a matter of combining a brewery and winery into a single LLC and just going through the right steps with compliance and the FCC to get permission," said Jesse Pappas.

Members of the staff like Bryce never stopped believing in the vision. "There's really no reason not to. I mean, you see wineries in the area that are very successful and breweries that are very successful and I think as long as you have a good product on both sides and a place where people can enjoy themselves. I think it's a home run."

Owners say Meriwether Springs can be enjoyed by wine-lovers, beer-lovers and even the whole family. 


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