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Tabor Hill Winery unveils new look while sticking with ‘same vines’

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BUCHANAN — Same vines. New vibe.

That’s the motto Tabor Hill Winery is using as the storied winery is in the midst of a rebranding campaign.

The winery at 185 Mount Tabor Road in Buchanan held a recent rebrand launch party in which attendees caught a glimpse of the tasting room’s renovations and new logo.

Matthew Moersch, CEO of Moersch Hospitality Group – the parent company of Tabor Hill and Round Barn – said the new labels and logo were created to give the product a more “contemporary look.”

The logo, designed by Las Vegas-based VIRGEN Inc., incorporates the winery’s initials into a circular mark.

In addition to revealing the updated logo, Tabor Hill will launch a new website in early May.

“We’re not throwing the baby out with the bath water,” Moersch said. “We want that history. It’s the same vines that have been here all along. It’s just a new look.”

The winery itself was also given a new look.

From January through February, Tabor Hill was closed for renovations. Inside, the winery’s lighting, floors and layout were updated. The signs along the road and outside the winery were changed to reflect the new logo.

According to Moersch, they have been working on this rebrand campaign for the past year.

Tabor Hill Executive Chef Ryan Thornburg has introduced a new restaurant menu featuring both small plates and entrees. The menu is expected to change seasonally, allowing guests to try new flavors throughout the year.

To pair with its new restaurant menu, Tabor Hill has created two new wine products: sparkling demisec and sparkling demi-red. Moersch said the two wines offer both sweet and dry wine drinkers enough fruit flavors for any celebration.

As of Thursday, the new wines are available on-site at Tabor Hill’s Buchanan tasting room and retail shop, in the Bridgman and Saugatuck tasting rooms and online.

In August 2018, Tabor Hill will have a 4,000 square-foot, glass-enclosed outdoor tent that will be known as “The Estate Tent.”

Accommodating up to 250 guests among Tabor Hill’s 50 acres of vineyards, the tent will work as a backdrop for weddings, corporate gatherings and private events.

“We’re also doing weddings too, which is new,” Moersch said. “We’re trying to broaden our customer base. We don’t want to be just that special occasion anymore.”

The Moersch family celebrated the largest Michigan winery purchase in state history last year, when it bought Tabor Hill in late May.

Eleven months later, Moersch said it’s been just as busy as ever.

“It’s been smoother than I thought. People are worried about change, but we wanted a fresh look to make it our own without hurting the legacy,” he said. “It’s been a challenge getting accustomed to the new equipment. The majority of the staff stayed on so the transition has been better than we anticipated.”

Tabor Hill opened in 1968, but didn’t produce its first season of wine until 1970. The winery, which celebrates its 50-year anniversary in 2020, produces more than 150,000 gallons of wine a year, offering 30 varieties of dry, semi-dry, sparkling and dessert wines.


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