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Good Morning: Connect us with young professionals you admire

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Know any young professionals who give you hope for the future? If they are 40 or younger, please consider telling them about our “Young Professionals” feature. If they send us a photo and fill out a brief profile, we will publish that in an upcoming edition of the Herald/Review.

Teachers, social workers, ministers, mechanics, nurses, medical specialists, musicians, business owners and managers, bank and loan officers, etc., etc. Our town is filled with great professionals — people who make a difference where they work, and we’d like your help to reach them.

The profile questionnaire is on our home page at , look for the “Click here … for young professionals.” It asks basic questions about the work they do, why they enjoy their work, what they do in their free time, and what they enjoy about living in Southern Cochise County. We will publish those in upcoming Tuesday SoCo Biz editions.


In case you missed today’s “This paper is published for valued subscriber Bill Hess on the occasion of his 80th birthday,” we’d like to say again: “Happy birthday, Bill.” For more than 25 years, Bill Hess wrote about some of the biggest and toughest issues we have faced as a community — and as a nation: illegal immigration, water and the San Pedro River, the Monument fire, Fort Huachuca soldiers fighting in the Middle East, just to name some. Bill is a veteran, loves classical music, and can cook up some mean Italian food. He’s got his serious newsman side and a funny side that never failed to keep us laughing.


This weekend, lots of people will be finishing up their taxes, and so next weekend will be a great time to get out and do something fun. Thanks to a notice received from Ted Fichtl (of the local High Desert Pod), we can tell you about three of the six upcoming world-class championship chili cook-offs headed our way.

These events are sanctioned by the Chili Appreciation Society International (CASI), a nonprofit that is dedicated to raising money for local charities … so mark you calendars.

The Southeast Regional Chili Cook Off is being held in Elgin at the Kief-Joshua Winery, 370 Elgin Road, Elgin. It will be on April 21 and 22.

There will be wine tasting, food booths, raffles, and a faux “Chopped” cooking competition, which starts at 1 p.m.

Come and see four local chefs who will be following a Chopped-like competition process. For a small donation, you can taste great chili. To taste, be at the winery no later than 12:30 pm.

Each day, there will be live music, four wineries represented, and arts and crafts that will make for a great afternoon.

The third event is a chili cook-off in conjunction with the West End Fair on May 5. Look for great chili tasting around 12:30 pm, happening near Baker’s Dozen.


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