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News Fodors Travel Guide

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News Fodors Travel Guide

You Can Now Pay $30,000 to Be Left for Dead in the Wilderness

A luxury tour company is making all of your “Naked and Afraid” dreams come true.

Teddy Minford | September 27, 2017

News Fodors Travel Guide

Moving Pictures: Artists in Spain Take Their Talents On The Road

What most people see as a metal crate on wheels, the Truck Art Project sees as an empty canvas ready to be filled.

Noah Boskey | September 19, 2017

News Fodors Travel Guide

This Christmas, Have Breakfast with Snow White

She was pretty good at housekeeping, so maybe the meal will be great.

Rachael Levitt | September 14, 2017

News Fodors Travel Guide

Be Happier: Get a Passport

Turns out the key to your happiness is in government-issued documents!

Rachael Levitt | September 8, 2017

News Fodors Travel Guide

Sleep In a Frozen Hotel Beneath Ice Crystal Chandeliers This Winter

ICEHOTEL’s 2018 Art Suite designs include overnights in frozen space, fairy tales, and dreamscapes.

Rachael Levitt | September 1, 2017

News Fodors Travel Guide

16 Places That Want You to Stop Visiting (and One That Really, Really Wants You)

Less “getaway!” and more “GO AWAY.”

Rachael Levitt | August 18, 2017

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