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Soft Jazz, Red Wine, and Soft Touches

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Soft Jazz, Red Wine, and Soft Touches


Yuri always worked harder than the others. Among her backup dancers, Sunmi noticed her. She liked how Yuri was quiet, mysterious, closed off. Yuri noticed back. Sunmi took her out for drinks after practices sometimes, and she would safely call them acquaintances. One night, Sunmi is feeling lonely and looks for the company of her alluring acquaintance. She shoots Yuri a text to hang out, just before midnight.


Sunmi's set up comfortably with her knees up on the couch, the TV quietly playing an old sitcom. She sees no hurt in shooting a text to someone she considers a friend. She doesn’t think too much of it.

“Hey, are you up?”

A couple of minutes pass. Sunmi’s eyes glaze over the passing episodes, bored and nowhere close to getting sleepy.

A buzz. “Yeah, why?”

“I’m feeling pretty lonely. Can you come over?” There. That’s harmless enough, right?


A quick few chapters of Sunmi and her ridiculously attractive backup dancer!


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