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Pinot Grigio The Perfect Summer Wine

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Last weekend I was in discussion with a friend visiting from Florida on what wines she was drinking this summer. Of note is her recent foray into white wines; Pinot Grigio in particular, because her preferred wines, notably reds, were just not working for her in the heat. I teased for a moment about her wine varietal choices before contemplating and admitting that Pinot Grigio is certainly one of the most popular white wines in Jamaica and in many other warm regions.

What makes the perfect summer wine?

It all depends on personal taste, but in general the ideal summer wine is usually light-bodied, refreshing, thirst-quenching, very approachable and drinkable. Acidity is key to selecting wines for hot weather as it gives wine liveliness, snappiness, freshness and, to a certain extent, makes it thirst-quenching. Pinot Grigios, match most of these characteristics and perhaps as a result are one of the most popular white wines from Italy. They originate from the same grape grown in France called Pinot Gris. While most Pinot Grigios fit this general summer wine description, there are two slightly different styles, so you might wish to try a few to figure out your preference.


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