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Mexican Moonshine Tequila Courting all Palates at the Do The Zoo, The Big Wonderful amp; Taco Festiv

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Apr. 20, 2017 / PRZen / DENVER -- Mexican Moonshine Tequila, the award-winning line of 100% Blue Weber agave tequila will celebrate its sixth year in 2017, a new deal with Colorado's Baroness Wines and look forward to participation in Denver's The Big Wonderful, Do At The Zoo and Taco Festival. Created by recording artists Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers and named after Clyne's song of the same title, Mexican Moonshine Tequila has found popularity on both sides of the border, boasting three varieties — Añejo, Reposado, and Silver — that have earned medals from international competitions in Denver, San Diego, San Francisco, and beyond.

Like the Peacemakers — whose members hail from Arizona and Colorado, allowing the region's culture and landscape to seep into the band's rock & roll — Mexican Moonshine Tequila is a staple of the southwest. Appropriately, the celebrated tequila line is proud to announce a new distribution deal with Baroness Wines. Baroness Wines come from Colorado roots and are poised to support and grow locally owned and operated Mexican Moonshine Tequila organically as a part of their unique collection of spirits.

Representing Mexican Moonshine Tequila in Colorado territory is longtime Peacemaker (and lifelong Centennial Statesman) Jim Dalton, who shares ownership of the brand with his three bandmates. An acclaimed singer, songwriter, and lead guitarist, Dalton also fronts The Railbenders, a Denver-based country band that regularly sells out venues like the Bluebird Theatre, Herman's Hideaway, Little Bear Saloon and the Soiled Dove. Being of both Irish and Mexican/Spanish descent, Dalton originally only sipped on fine whiskeys. When he joined forces with Roger Clyne back in 2009, he began experiencing better tequilas and discovered he enjoyed them as well. Now, honoring both sides of his heritage, he is a part of this tequila brand with pride for its quality and smoothness. "I love our tequila, but when fans buy us a shot of a lesser quality brand and pass it up onstage, I can tell right away it's not our Mexican Moonshine because it burns!"

Officially launched in 2011, Mexican Moonshine Tequila is available statewide in all three varieties. The Silver marque, like its two siblings, is double-distilled in copper-lined, stainless steel pots and triple-filtered. The agave is harvested from Jalisco, Mexico's lowlands, whose obsidian-rich soil imparts a peppery hue to Silver's taste. Meanwhile, Mexican Moonshine Reposado is aged for nine months in Kentucky bourbon barrels of American White Oak, leaving buttery, oaky notes in the finished product. The tequila line's newest offering, Añejo, is aged even longer, remaining in the American White Oak barrels for 18 months and boasting notes of smokey tobacco and vanilla.

The official full moniker, Roger Clyne's Mexican Moonshine Tequila, will be featured at The Big Wonderful on Friday, Cinco de Mayo as well as Saturday (5/6/17) for some tasty food pairings with each marque. New also to Do At The Zoo, the food pairings will tickle the tequila palates of hundreds for this cherished event. And back again for the third year to support the Tequila Tasting portion of Denver's two-day Taco Festival. Whether a mixologist looking for an amazing, clean, smooth tequila for creating mini masterpieces, or someone wanting to enjoy a simple sipping spirit neat, this line of ultra-premium tequilas satisfies on all fronts.

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