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Eugene author, winery owner interviewed for C-SPAN's 'Book TV'

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EUGENE, Ore. - Literature is in the limelight. C-SPAN, the national TV network, is in Eugene speaking with authors for its Book TV series.

We caught the moment Wednesday when C-SPAN sat down with Pfeiffer Winery owner and author, Danuta Pfeiffer, whose memoir is giving Eugene’s literary community national attention.

"It wasn't a book about me, to begin with; it was a book about my father," said Pfeiffer.

It was literally all written down now after 25 years.

"I'm very honored to be part of the Eugene connection in this whole story with C-SPAN," said Danuta.

Her story is full of ups and downs, from learning the truth behind her father's past -- "I mean, it was all a lie" -- to where she's at now. "Wine, laughter, love ... couldn't be better than that."

She shares the lessons she learned through life in her book, symbolically titled "Chiseled".

"It draws a spotlight to me, to my community, to my friends and to all of the authors and writers out there."

C-SPAN video journalist Johnny St. Jean said it's an honor to share Danuta's journey.

"In your teenage years, what was going through your mind during those times?" he asked Danuta.

"I was traumatized quite frankly," she said.

"We want to know about the literary history of Eugene," said St. Jean. "We get to shed a light and a focus on them so people out there in our audience would know that there's a lot of things to see here. There's a rich history here.”

For Danuta and her husband Robin, lessons learned in the past are like the fine wines they make now -- they only get better with age.

"Fear has no place in the ups and downs of life; it is an adventure," said Danuta.

Pfeiffer's segment will air on June 3 and 4. It's one of 12 books C-SPAN covers each year.

And in case you're wondering, Book TV’s next stop is in Portland.


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