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An Escape from Bustling City Life by Booking a Village in Spring: Wuzhen releases Wu Village's /PR N

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Wu village: a premium resort for villagers to escape from bustling city life (PRNewsFoto/Wuzhen Tourism Co. Ltd)

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WUZHEN, China, Feb. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Wuzhen Tourism Co. Ltd has recently released the 2017 spring event calendar of its premium resort Wu Village, focusing on improving the "villager" experience for visitors from around the world.

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This spring, Wu Village has created new, nature themed events for visitors to make most of the countryside experience including tea ceremony, rapeseed flower viewing, strawberry picking, kite flying, scarecrow making, cooking and more.

These events are included in Wu Village's all-inclusive packages that take care of stay, transportation, dining, entertainment and shopping for all visitors, who can book the village as a whole to choose from over 30 free activities during the stay, including a deep breath in the natural world, leisure and fashion farming, immersive villager experience, farming for kids and various culinary programs.

Located 500 meters further into Wuzhen by the northern side of Wuzhen west scenic zone where a lot of the town's most famous attractions are found, Wu Village is a premium resort for villagers that preserves the traditional rural lifestyle along the Grand Canal in southern China over the past century.

Surrounded by waterways, gardens and ponds, most of the old houses have two-story structure, which is called zutuan (group) locally. The guesthouses full of Chinese nostalgic memories have different themes including Fishing Family, Gristmill, Wine lane, Bamboo, Harvest, Re-educational ages and Peach Orchard, creating a unique living experience of Wu Village.

Yao Jie, President Assistant of Wuzhen Tourism Co. Ltd, explained that Wu Village is an all-new leisure resort village that offers an all-new, premium eco-tourism experience highlighting the cultural heritages. "The 2017 spring event calendar will present a happier and more relaxed 'villager' journey for all our visitors."

To learn about details of the activities and make reservations, visit

About Wuzhen

1.5 hour drive from Shanghai and one of the top vacation spots in China, Wuzhen is a water town praised for its profound cultural heritages. In addition to the well-preserved traditional art and landscapes dating back 1300 years, Wuzhen is also dedicated to introducing modern cultural and art exhibitions and events including Wuzhen Theatre Festival and Wuzhen International Contemporary Art Exhibition to promote international cultural exchange and communications.

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