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Keisha Buchanan attempts to buy wine using Wikipedia page

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Wine Using Page Keisha Buchanan

Keisha Buchanan used her Wikipedia page to attempt to buy alcohol.
The 32-year-old Sugababes star was asked to prove her age when buying some wine in a shop on Sunday (27.11.16) and was so desperate to purchase the bottle that she showed the shopkeeper her page on the online encyclopaedia.
However, she went away empty handed as she didn’t have any ID on her.
Sharing the funny story on Twitter, she wrote: “I just tried to buy wine with no ID & was denied! apparently I look 17 years old & pulling out my wiki didn’t work either lol #Annoying (sic)”
Keisha is one of the original members of the pop group – also comprised of Siobhan Donaghy and Mutya Buena – that reunited in 2011 under the name MKS and released a song called ‘Flatline’ in 2013.
Siobhan, also 32, recently confirmed the definitive line-up are back in the studio preparing for their next record.
She shared: “Sugababes have got a record coming out next year. I can’t tell you the exact date. I know, but I can’t tell you. It’s next year.”
And on their two-year absence, she added: “We’ve been back and then there was a bit of a break. But we’re working on it again, so it’s exciting.”
The first ever album by the girls was 2000’s ‘One Touch’, which included the hits ‘Run For Cover’ and ‘Overload’.
However, shortly after the album was released Siobhan quit the group with Heidi Range taking her place.
In 2005, Mutya left stating she could no longer commit to the band after giving birth to daughter Tahlia Barrymore in March of that year.
Mutya was replaced by Amelle Berrabah, which meant Keisha would be the only original Sugababe in the group.
However, she left in 2009 to be replaced by Jade Ewen.
In 2010, Mutya reportedly tried to reclaim the band name Sugababes and in 2014 Amelle said she had no problem with her doing that as long as she didn’t regroup with her Sugababes bandmates.
She said: “If we don’t use it and regroup, I’d quite happily give it to someone else and let them take the reins.”
It’s not known if Mutya was successful in getting ownership of the name, but news of their next album suggests she has.


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