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Annual charitable food drive attracts hundreds at Shanghai event

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On the pleasant evening of November 12, Chi Fan for Charity (CFFC) organized and carried out a wonderful event consisting of exquisite, flavorsome meals from various cuisines prepared by charitable bosses. The scrumptious food represented an expression of gratitude toward their humble guests. It symbolized a thank you for their sincere support. This year with Epermarket's title sponsorship, 50 restaurants across Shanghai hosted over 500 guests for its 6th annual dinner on the same night.

"We always try to support a charity event that benefits the needy," Venny Haryanti, the owner of Bali Bistro, one of this year's respectable sponsor restaurants, told the Global Times. "For this year we served tumpeng (Indonesian Volcano Rice) as the main dish. In Indonesia, we eat tumpeng to celebrate special occasions to express our gratitude to God and appreciate togetherness and harmony."

Chi Fan for Charity is Shanghai's premier charity dining event. It was first held six years ago, the brilliant brainchild of founder Michael Crain to convince a few restaurants in Beijing to participate in this innovative concept. Since then, Chi Fan for Charity has become the largest food and beverage event to benefit charity in Asia, taking place in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong and raising over 4.7 million yuan ($682,445) for 20 diverse charities.

"Thanks to our Director Vy Vu and our Dream Team's (10 amazing volunteers) network in Shanghai we managed to get more than 180 generous sponsors for this 6th edition," said Syrine Karoui, assistant director of Chi Fan for Charity, who works as an account manager and good cause coordinator at The Good Agency Asia, which is also one of the event partners of CFFC. "Managing 180 sponsors and 50 table hosts isn't easy, especially with our full-time jobs and lack of time. But thanks to the team and volunteers we managed together to do it right."

Tumpeng served at Bali Bistro

Tumpeng served at Bali Bistro

Key opinion leaders

The organization process of this charity starts with finding sponsor restaurants from all around Shanghai to donate a table for 10 who can provide a minimum 500 yuan per person. Each table is hosted by Shanghai's movers and shakers who invite their influential network of celebrities, industry professionals, managing directors and other key opinion leaders in the community.

Additionally, tickets can be purchased directly through Chi Fan for Charity's website. Each guest pays a set price, between 500 yuan to 1,500 yuan, which depends on the restaurant and food that they desire. No proceeds are spent for any expense of the organization.

Angela Cruz, marketing director at The Essential Learning Group (ELG), hosted the dinner at Bumbu, another Indonesian restaurant. She has worked in Shanghai since 2013 and participating in CFFC every year as her "annual tradition."

"It's been so fun to compare each year by how many more familiar faces are at the after-party. This year was truly amazing, as Bumbu partnered with LAOwines to spoil our table with plentiful wine on top of a delicious Indonesian menu (with vegan options for a few guests who requested them). Plus Olivia, who runs Bumbu, arranged for an Indonesian dancer to perform for us," Cruz told the Global Times.

Guests at a dinner hosted by a restaurant for the charity event organized by Chi Fan for Charity in Shanghai Photos: Courtesy of AT3NG and Bali Bistro

Guests at a dinner hosted by a restaurant for the charity event organized by Chi Fan for Charity in Shanghai Photos: Courtesy of AT3NG and Bali Bistro


Every year, the Chi Fan for Charity team selects two different local NGOs among many applicants as beneficiaries through an online public vote system. This year, one of the chosen NGOs was Shanghai Young Bakers, founded in 2008 to provide Chinese youth with high-quality training at a local French bakery, which enables marginalized Chinese aged 17 to 23 to find stable, qualified jobs and lead independent lives. Another is Educating Girls of Rural China, which is a Canadian charity established in 2005 for helping women from impoverished rural areas of western China to obtain an education.

All guests and sponsors were also invited to an after-party on a terrace of The Place overlooking the stunning Shanghai skyline. Drinks and snacks were provided by different sponsors. There was also a silent auction and raffle tickets for donated goods by sponsors to raise more support for charity.

"I know that this event was in support of Educating Girls of Rural China and Shanghai Young Bakers, but there are also a number of other great causes that need support from the community as well," Oliver Luen, a graduate student from Fudan University and volunteer of the event, said. "So, let's reach out."

"Educated women have educated children" -Educating Girls of Rural China-

Educating Girls of Rural China

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