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Yates Winery Growing Grapes and New Business in Hill Country

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Yates Winery Texas Hill Country

Guests walk past wine barrels at Yates before entering the much-anticipated tasting area

If you look to the right side of the road past Johnson City, heading to Hye on US-290, you’ll spot a new winery. It’s from the same family that owns Spicewood Vineyards and it bears the family name, Yates. Starting off with nine releases, Yates wants Central Texans to know there’s a new destination they should add to their Hill Country winery tour list.

Newest Winery on Wine Road 290

Yates Winery Barrels

Panoramic of Yates’ crisp and modern facility

Even though Spicewood Vineyards is Yates’s “sister winery,” contributing talent and experience, Yates has a distinct purpose. In a press release, owner Ron Yates explained, “Spicewood Vineyards will remain committed to making Texas wine with estate-grown Portuguese and Spanish grapes. Yates will make top-notch Rhone, Spanish, and Italian style wines, along with several vineyard-designated Tempranillo wines with fruit grown in the Texas Hill Country, West Texas, Davis Mountain and the Texas High Plains. Texas wine lovers will have a lot to choose from.”

Out of the nearly 16 acres of beautiful Texas land owned by Yates, four acres currently hold grapevines, most of which grow Tempranillo grapes. Six more acres of the property will soon cultivate grapevines, while the winery will continue to work with other Texas grape growers to bring in even more fruit.

Yates Wine Options

The delicious line-up of new wines (Credit: Yates)

Along with fruitful grounds holding rows of vines, Yates contains a pristine 6,000 square foot facility paired with state of the art equipment, like a custom crusher and de-stemmer. Eventually, the team plans to set up a pavilion where wine club members can chat and unwind next to a swimming pool. In the future, visitors will also be able to hang out in a 5,000 square foot tasting room, complete with wine library and cellar for private tastings and aging Gran Reserva Tempranillo.

Taking More Than a Few Sips

Yates Winery Grand Opening Day

Beautiful Texas Hill Country backdrop for grand opening day at Yates

I was happy to attend the Yates Grand Opening Media and Trade Event on Aug. 22, despite my wine tasting ignorance. All I know is that I like the way wine tastes, and by swirling it around in the glass and smelling it before taking a sip, I can feign expertise. Luckily, Yates is accessible and appealing to every type of wine drinker.

Yates Winery Grand Opening Party

Grand opening party in full swing

Yates’ Tempranillo stood out as my favorite with its hints of cherry and memorable taste. It could quickly become someone’s go-to wine to pair with a meal, or drink on a porch during a calm Texas evening. The Tempranillo 2014 was fermented/macerated for three weeks and aged for a year in 25% new American oak and 75% neutral oak.

Along with an evening full of wine, light eats and live music, checking out the winery itself was a must. Since the opening party took place right after heavy rains, all of the grapes on site had been quickly picked and put into huge cubes. Guests could peek in and see the beginning stages of Yates wine that would soon be pressed and eventually funneled into barrels.

Follow and Visit Yates

Picked Grapes Becoming Wine at Yates

Wine in progress

The Yates website hasn’t been released as of this writing, but it will be available shortly. For now, you can follow the winery on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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