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New York Food and Wine Expo

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New York Food and Wine Expo Summary

Event Overview: The NYC Food and Wine Expo, also known as the NY Wine Expo, is a food festival that is relatively new to New York City. It is hosted by the Food Network and is a 4-day NYC event that takes place in various venues through New York City. The NY Wine Expo primarily stays within the Meatpacking District of Chelsea Manhattan.

What to Expect: The NY Wine Expo offers plenty of foodie and wine events for visitors to enjoy, and it features a wide range of event hosts and famous chefs.

Variety: There are a wide variety of events that are held during the NY Wine Expo. From travel stories about food from around the world, to samplings of whole foods, to famous chef demonstrations, there are foodie events for everyone.

Food: Unsurprisingly, the Food and Wine Expo NY features plenty of dinner events where foodies in New York City can get a chance to sample the latest creations from famous chefs and restaurants.

Wine: Chances are that if you are attending the NY Wine Expo, then you enjoy wine. There are plenty of wine seminars available thorughout the 4 day NY festival as well.

Inside Knowledge: The New York Food and Wine Expo is a relatively new annual tradition in Manhattan. It began in 2008, and its fourth festival will be held in 2011.

Event Hints:

Have Money Saved Up: Some of the seminars and events from the NY Wine Expo can be very expensive. This isn't an activity for the budget-conscious, so make sure that you have some cash saved up if you would like to enjoy some of the events.

Meet Some Famous Chefs: There are plenty of famous personalities from the Food Network and other food media outlets that attend the NY Wine Expo. Feel free to say hi to some of them if you see them walking around.

Donate to a Good Cause: All proceeds from the NY Wine Expo go to Share Our Strength and the Food Bank For New York City. Know that your entries into the events will support a very worthy cause.


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