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Wine Barrel Stave Wine Rack(2)

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Wine Barrel Stave Rack


Make sure that you measure inward from the edge the same distance on all four sides.

Once I screwed in the support pieces, it was time to give my “legs” a flat end for stability…so I cut of the tapered end off of one side of each “leg” stave.




Now just screw in the legs to the side of those support pieces.


Important!  Important!  Important!


Do not anchor the legs with a second screw until you stand it up and give it a little wiggle til it’s balanced.  I know, not master carpentry, but it does the trick for leveling and keeping things stable.  Once it’s standing securely on all four legs, go ahead and screw in the second screws into all four legs.


Yay, no wobbles!

Now onto the shelves.  Make sure to measure out where you want the shelves to rest.  Luckily, the staves are pretty darn exact in their measurements.  So, I just measured down from the top, making sure that I placed the second shelf exactly between the first and third shelves.  Pretty easy, just keep consistent with your measurements on all four legs so that your shelves are balanced.




Looking good, but now for the logistics…how to keep the wine bottles from rolling on the curved shelves.  Enter the 1″x1″ lumber.

Give it a stain.


Then give them a cut…I cut them into 6″ pieces.  I used 8 pieces on the first and second shelves, and 7 on the third shelf.

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